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Our Fleet Policy


Our mission...

We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a sustainable fleet management strategy to help us achieve our key company goal of reducing our environmental impact.

2 years ago, we assembled a cross departmental task force consisting of business leaders from procurement, warehousing and logistics, sales and administration functions tasked with devising a clear strategy that will be tangible, measurable and clearly sets out achievable tactics enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint. These were:

  •    Improve C02 reductions of all company vehicles,
  •    Increase the payload and cubic carrying capacity of our delivery vehicles to increase efficiency and reduce the number of unnecessary journeys,
  •    Implement structured maintenance programmes for all vehicles to ensure they are running at their optimum levels,
  •    Upgrade our telematics to increase efficiency, and to highlight where driving training may be needed,
  •    Minimise the number of samples sent by courier companies,
  •    Install rapid charge points in readiness for electric vehicles

We achieved these key points by implementing the following:

  •    All of our vehicles were supplied brand new from the manufacturer to replace our older, higher polluting vehicles,
  •    We have full maintenance programmes in place to ensure maximum running efficiency and increased safety for our drivers and the wider community,
  •    We have introduced upgraded telematics to detail journeys to simplify vehicle routing, helping avoid excessive mileage and driver overlap,
  •    Our drivers also have access to an app allowing them to detail journeys, calculates fuel efficiency (mpg), and enables them to book in for any scheduled and unscheduled servicing/same day tyre replacement,
  •    We have also introduced fuel cards and have start to track mpg versus fuel usage to identify where further driver training may be required,
  •    We encourage best practice and practical steps that can be taken. For example, all vehicles are unloaded when equipment and supplies are not required so we’re not carrying unnecessary weight thereby reducing our fuel consumption
  •    We encourage cross departmental data analysis on a monthly basis to see where ongoing improvements can be made
  •    All vehicles are class leading and electric vehicles are being trialed in conjunction with the major manufacturers.

Our sales staff over the past twelve months have all been given company vehicles that are self charging hybrids. All company vehicles have sufficient boot space to ensure samples and small deliveries can be taken on customer visits and reduce the amount of deliveries sent by couriers.

We actively strive for continuous improvement in reducing our carbon emissions and to support both our and our customers corporate sustainability goals. Our supporting information is available on request.