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Crucial Detail Landscape Mounds 294x208mm (x6)

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ultimate style from the master of design Martin Kastner’s diverse career began in an unconventional way, at a 16th century castle restoring historical metalworks in Western Bohemia. From blacksmithing to design to conceptual art projects, a common sense of function and aesthetics ties Kastner’s work together. His unique chef driven pieces revolutionize the way we think about food. The journey for Crucial Detail began in 2003 when Chef Grant Achatz contacted Kastner and a culinary collaboration was born. Their first project, a collapsible tripod for frozen hibiscus tea, profoundly resonated with guests and planted the seed to countless designs for the famed Alinea restaurant. Kastner also designed the showpieces for Team USA in 2015 & 2017 at the famed Bocuse d’Or Competition in Lyon, France. Additional collaborations with notable chefs including Laurent Gras, Wolfgang Puck and Alex Stupak have captivated the industry by creating entirely new and beautiful ways of presenting food. for a distinctively graceful presentation - cool blue-white porcelain - beautifully crafted metal - uniquely designed - chef driven pieces with forward style
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